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May 2016: Malapascua

It was a long hot drive from Cebu City to Maya and the harbour for the boats to Malapascua. I spent four days on the island, diving with the thresher sharks at Monad Shoal for the first two mornings. The presidential election the day after meant that diver masters were in short supply (they all went home to vote) so I had to laze  on the beaches and enjoy the island’s annual fiesta instead. It was a big week for lechon!

beach 2

Perfect empty beach at the north end of the island

shady cove

Complete with a bit of shade

view from resort hill

Climbing the hill to the resort that was abandoned after Typhoon Yolanda. Looking back at the bigger beach

view from the bar

View from what was the bar at the abandoned resort

making ooni

Boys on Logon Beach at low tide (sunset) cleaning a bucketload of fresh sea urchins for sale

Gambling 3

Fiesta time means gambling time

Gambling 1

There were 20 pesos notes flying everywhere


Sunset on Logon beach  (low tide)

Sunset 3

Perfect place to go beachcombing  – lots of starfish and little crabs and even some small sea cucumbers and the odd little frogfish

starfish piggyback

Hitching a ride won’t help when there’s no water

pet pig

Today the pig is a pet…

pig lechon

The next day it’s hog roast


Our Lady of the Forsaken (Nuestra Senora de los Desamparados) on parade


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