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May 2016: Panglao and diving Balicasag

The diving here was phenomenal. There were turtles galore – massive hawksbills, turtles feeding, sleeping, digging in the sand, rubbing up against the coral… you name it – plus giant frogfish in all sorts of colours, schools of big mouth mackerel, loads of colourful nudis, ghost pipefish, scorpion fish, giant map puffers, marbled gropers, clouds of pyramid butterfly fish, a bat fish that followed me round like a puppy dog. The icing on the cake was a pod of seven pilot whales that we saw on the way to Balicasag two days in a row. The males were doing a mating thing where they stuck their tails high out of the water and held the ‘headstand’ for a minute or so. Very impressive.

cover turtle

So many big turtles

2 giant clams

Giant clams

my friendly bat fish

This friendly bat fish followed me like a puppy dog for ages

ribbon eel

Blue and yellow ribbon eel

moray eel

Moray eel

big pregnant? puffer

Map puffer

black and gold fish

Huge clouds of fish

black and white fishlong nosed fishturtle 3


Bat fish and turtle

juvenile bat fish

Juvenile bat fish

seahorse 1

Sea horse not far from Alona beach

black ribbon eel

Juvenile ribbon eel

cross legged starfish

Cross legged starfish

Big clam - feed me Seymour

Thorny oyster shell

midnight schnapper

Juvenile midnight schnapper

turtle in a tight place

Turtle in a tight place

green nudi

Nudis galore

green + orange nudi

Another beautiful nudi

ghost pipe fis

Ghost pipe fish

big mouthed mackeral 2

Big mouth mackerel

milk fish

Milk fish

fearless froggie

Territorial frogfish


School of squid

yellow box fish

Juvenile box fish

lion fish

Lion fish

whale tail


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