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May 2016: Touring Bohol

In one day it was possible to visit the Chocolate hills, the nearby activity park with its cable cycle, Prony 2 (the 140kg reticulated python that replaced Prony 1, the 300kg snake), the manmade forest, the tarsier sanctuary, Ancestor’s House for lunch and a few extra stops along the way.

manmade forest

The manmade forest – mahogany trees planted in the 1980s

chocolate hills 1

Chocolate Hills – these were once reef outcrops and this whole area was underwater

air cycling 1

Me on the cable bicycle at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. No balance required, all you have to do is pedal and enjoy the fantastic views

Ancestors home 3

Ancestor’s House – the enormous wide floorboards were a sign of great wealth 175 years ago (come to think of it, they probably still are)

Ancestors home 2

Ancestor’s House. There is a very nice, quiet restaurant and garden downstairs and they serve GREAT coffee!

Alburqueque church

Alburqueque Church, Baclayon

natural swimming pool

Fresh water swimming pool beside the sea in Alburqueque. Loved how the locals would park their motor bikes on the adjacent main road, jump into the pool for a splash about and then hop back on their bikes and be off.

Tarsier awake

Tarsier awake…

Tarsier asleep

… seconds later

Prony 2

140kg of Prony 2 (replaced 300kg Prony 1, who died in captivity). The lump under my left hand is the chicken she ate a few days earlier.

Earthquake damaged church

Church damaged by 2013 earthquake

Big red flower

I’m told by a horticulturist friend that this is: Etlibera elatior (red torch ginger)



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